Monday, June 6, 2016

63 | Cascadia Rising earthquake and tsunami drill begins June 7, 2016 ends June 10, in Pacific NW

I love that this article about 'Cascadia Rising' was posted on June 3 in 2016.  Remember, when you sum ever number to up to '63', it sums to '2016'.

Cascadia = 3+1+1+3+1+4+9+1 = 23; Rising = 9+9+1+9+5+7 = 40
Cascadia Rising = 63

Cascadia = 3+1+19+3+1+4+9+1 = 41; Rising = 18+9+19+9+14+7 = 76
Cascadia Rising 117 (July 11) (November 7)

Cascadia Rising, the drill, is set to take place between June 7 and June 10, 2016.

It is interesting to note that July 11 follows June 7 by 34-days, and November 7 follows June 7 by 153-days.  153 often goes with '42', and Washington is the 42nd State.  It should be noted that the word 'Tsunami' has gematria of '34'.

Will the Pacific NW get a Tsunami on 7/11 to go with Japan's 3/11/11 Tsunami?  I'll remember not to be at the beach on that date, just in case.

The word 'basketball' has gematria of '85', and this drill is going on during the time of the NBA Finals.  I can't help but think of the suspicious earthquake in Oklahoma on February 13, that was seemingly connected to the Oklahoma City Thunder's season.  That team is originally from Seattle, near where this drill is occurring.

For those not familiar with Seattle and Interstate-5, there is a massive bridge that connects the north end of Seattle to the city.  It is near the University of Washington campus.  If that bridge collapsed, the region would be 1000000000000000% fucked.

That said, since I have been in kindergarten, they've been having us prepare for "THE BIG ONE".  All of us up here have been told a million times over that this region is due for possibly the biggest earthquake there ever was, so perhaps this drill indicates the time is near.

Keep in mind that in 2007, nine years ago, Portland simulated the biggest nuclear blast going off in an urban environment.  Thankfully, we haven't seen any real blasts in the time of or since.

Jeff Young did a special show late last night, into early this morning, on Cascadia Rising.