Thursday, June 16, 2016

33 46 52 93 127 151 156 | The death of former Miss USA North Dakota in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 15, 2016

Miss USA = 20/47/101

Her name stands out in gematria.  Remember '52' is prophecy and '151' is the 36th prime, a popular number in 2016.

Minneapolis and North Dakota also have a relationship in gematria.

Minneapolis has been making waves since the time of Prince's death.  Remember, the location has gematria connected to 'Saturn' and killing.

Recall that Jesus was crucified on the cross at age '33'.  This woman has died on June 15, or 15/6, a number connecting back to 'thirty-three'.

The date of the funeral stands out in light of 'North Dakota' and sacrifice.

6/24/16 = 6+24+16 = 46