Thursday, June 16, 2016

39 51 93 132 | Mr. Crowley and the powers that be using their puppets to leak the truth about the world

I remember when I used to listen to this song and ask myself WTF he was singing about.  What always drew me in when I was young was the organ in the beginning.

Organ = 15+18+7+1+14 = 55
Piano = 16+9+1+14+15 = 55
Song = 19+15+14+7 = 55

Anyhow, these days, the lyrics are a lot more clear.

The king of Ozzy lyrics will always be 'War Pigs' though, if he even wrote it.  You have to wonder with the 33-year divorce and all.  It seems these people are all mostly used as puppets, helping leak the truth about this world.

And the 'War Pigs', the same guys who run the record studios, certainly like their 39 and 93.  It is just like in the Bible, they write the truth about them, with total arrogance, knowing the masses aren't going to do a thing about it.  Or so they thought.


  1. When you guys were doing your train wreck decoding, one of the things in the back of my mind was Ozzy's "Crazy Train" song. (Along with Thomas the Tank Engine)

  2. The origins of the name "Orlando" comes from the word "Roland," and a character in the Shakespeare Play "As you Like it"

    "Roland" = 64 = "Israel" = "Thelema" = "Ethics" = "Zion"
    "Roland" = 235 the first three Prime numbers

    "As you like it Like It" = 48 & 147, just like "Eight Eight Eight" & "Mount Zion"

    My interpretation is that it is the land of "OR", because "Lando" is a way of saying "Land of", or the Land of "OR"

    "OR" = 33 = or the Land of "Magic" = 33, maybe why the "Magic Kingdom" = 106 & 636 is there.

  3. This post made me think of the red hot chilli peppers song: Throw away your television.

    Leaking truth into the world, they tell you the TV repeats the same news stories over and over and over again. They also imply that TV fucks you up by saying "levitate this ill condition"

  4. Mr.C is Saturn. 132+(1×3×2)=138. 138+831=969. C=3. Three=56.