Sunday, June 19, 2016

33 73 89 93 106 | Cavs win Game 7 93-89, June 19, 2016 (King James & Oracle Arena Tribute)

King James = 11+9+14+7+10+1+13+5+19 = 89

Again, today is King Jame's birthday (he would be 450), and LeBron James is nicknamed 'King James'.  LeBron scored the 89th points of the game for Cleveland.

I love this shot on the commercial break.

LeBron is in his 13th season, and #13 is on the screen.

Plus the time is at 1:09, a familiar number for the Cavs, out of 'Ohio'.

Jerry West = 44 (#44) (Warriors 44th season in Golden Staet)

King James = 35/44/53/89

Klay Thompson would tie it at 89-89.

That was the first tie since 83-83, the 23rd prime number.  Hello 'King James', #23.

Notice while LeBron James was on the ground, the score was a sum of 181-points.

Notice LeBron, King James, went down with 10.6 seconds, a lot like '106'.  Not long after he would defeat Philadelphia in their 106th game of the season.

6/19/1566 = 6+19+15+66 = 106 (King James birth numerology)
Today is 106th Father's Day, first June 19, 1910
Warriors 106th Game of the Year

Of course the game finished 93-89.

It's really not much different than the Harlem Globetrotters.

You know the Globetrotters theme song?

And I'm whistling...

Cleveland has become the first of '33' teams to come back from 3-1.

Basketball = 31
LeBron James is 31 (In his 13th season)

The NBA record is now 1-32 when teams are down 3-1 in the NBA Finals.

There is a connection between '132' and '44', the big number on the season.

Notice, 31-points in the fourth quarter, for the first team to ever come back from 3-1.

The Big Three scored '62', like the start date of the NBA Finals, June 2, or 6/2.  With JR Smith's numbers, they scored '74'.  And with Thompson's, 83, the 23rd prime.  LeBron.

6/2/2016 = 6+2+20+16 = 44

The Warriors starting 5 scored 73-points, like the number of wins they got on the season.

32+10+0+17+14 = 73