Thursday, June 16, 2016

42 | George H.W. Bush turned 92, June 12, 2016

Ha, so he gives his New World Order speech eleven years before September 11, 2001, then celebrates his 92nd birthday on the day of the "worst terror tragedy" since 9/11.



  1. He was the 43 VP, the reflection of 34. This number was coded in that shooting.

    Also, George Hershel Walker Bush = 117 where the reflection is 711. 711 was mentioned in another post by Zach, and Mir. In the Orlando shooting the kept mentioning the 7/11 store and showing it.

    1. Tribute to one of the top promoters of the NWO?

    2. Maybe!? Zach totally found it though. I found it by accident someplace else and you linked all that up. Fantastic work, +RiggedGame!
      There's just really so damned much, isn't there? I'm less overwhelmed than I was, but sheeesh.. some days it's like we can't read a freaking thing without it being encoded.

  2. The Bush family seem highly symbolic to me. George HW seems to be a stand in or reflection of the planet I know but Uranus was first named George or the Georgium Sidus, discovered March 13 1781 and named in honor of King George III.
    Now obviously we can see how the name George is all over history, it connects us with England as a kid I got confused I thought the kings georges were what they called presidents before G. Washington and England n US were connected like canada.
    They v well could be, we have to use the map that they gave but that doesn't mean it's correct! Indeed why would it be when everything else is a lie? You can't go by the "well somebody would have said something by now" logic that's for the sheep. Don't limit yourself to what is "known" because that keeps u thinking in the circle they built for u.

    Ok, Uranus also known as Ouranos is the sky god in classical mythology and he was the father of the Titans. HW was supposed to have been a pilot in WW2.

    Uranus is the Planet that rules Aquarius which is supposed to be the new age we r entering so I'm expecting to see lots reflections of it.

    It's color is Cyan which is the photographic negative of red/flesh tones. If u have a negative filter in your phone rake a selfie and then run it thru the filter and see what color your skin is.
    Hello smurf!

    Cyan is another one of those colors that is preferred "green" screen background.

    1. Great information, never knew that about Uranus and George.

  3. Also the name Walker repeats constantly. The Walking dead the zombies are called walkers, like sleep walkers- somnambulism,
    Walkers, wall.king
    July 20, 1968
    Michael Jackson
    Hidden in names like Milwaukee look for it.
    Names means something, often several different things
    Names are often changed.
    Many things, people, places have several names or have gone by different names at diff times
    Puns/pigeon engrish/pig latin/plays on names
    And as u all know quite well names are alwsys entwined with numbers. I'm thinking of them as fraternal twins like someone here refrenced Castor and Pollux with numbers being the immortal god (unchanging) and names/language the mortal twin - names have been changed to protect the innocent ;-)

    1. There's that 'duality' again.

    2. Yep, it's endless isn't it?

      I really feel like the fake moon walk is the key to understanding this present time. Anything anyone notices about that please post it here, even stuff you think is probably not relevant but...yeah please share it anyway. If u r interested look at present day stories and see if u can connect it wth moon.

    3. Moon landing staged = 174 for what it is worth

    4. Frank and Moon Zappa
      "Valley Girl" (song)
      Circa August, 1982
      Valspeak: Where up is down and right is wrong... "bitchen" means cool, etc.

    5. Scratch that date...
      Wikipedia has that it was June, 1982.
      Coincidences never cease, eh?

  4. Just look at how the gods of various civilizations all have several different names, aliases, pseudonyms, and didn't they often disguise themselves as animals, rivers, people, stars in the sky, etc.

    Also known as
    aka - 1+11+1 = 13/4

    Think of acronyms as names as well. Take all the vowells out of a word and see if you would recognize it without them.

  5. So just decoded the England v Wales game for the Euro's.

    One thing that always seems to get me is that for every big event there is always a narrative for both of the teams to win. There was a strong narrative for England and Wales today with the only sure fire thing i found was Bale was always going to score for Wales.

    England won the game 2-1. My question is why do we think there's always a narrative for both teams? Because Wales winning today would have made a lot of sense, England however had the connections to the date numerology which i find tends to be the most important factor..

    Has anyone managed to find any clear pattern? I know a lot of us on here are really good and decoding events but often after they've happened. Predicting before the event is so hard because there's so many possible narratives your almost guessing which one is the most likely.

    I just feel there must be another secret that could greatly increase our strike rate on predicting events before they happen?

    Funny enough as always there was a sacrifice to Englands 67th win against Wales.

    Labour MP Jo Cox was stabbed and shot and is in critical condition right now, happened in Birstall.

    Jo Cox = 67
    Birstall = 30/93
    England = 30

    She was obviously 41 years old.

    1. My thoughts are that it's all encoded, but that the year/date is the 'tie-breaker', so to speak. Good arguments for both via gematria, but then date numerology for whoever is 'favored'. Problem is, it's not always easy to see the long-view on the dates. You have to have a 'to' and 'from' for it to be meaningful, many times.

    2. I'm getting a Gabby Gifford vibe from this and I haven't even read more than a blurb but the pic I saw she was wearing a red dress just like good ol lying Gibby

  6. I'm gonna put this here but it relates to The Invictus Games.

    ** READ **

    The Film The Parallax View (1974) Has Numeric Connections to the Invictus Games, Orlando and Trump.

    July Eleventh One One Three" in the English Ordinal system equals 283

    "July Eleventh One One Three" in the English Reduction system equals 112

    Charles Carroll Donald Trump" in the English Ordinal system equals 283

    "Charles Carroll Donald Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 112

    Charles Carroll " in the English Reduction system equals 64 / 73

    The Parallax View Donald Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 117

    2016-1974= .. 42 .. (D.T. = 4,2)

    Astronomers use the Parallax Principle to Measure Distances Between Stars.

    Distance Between Stars" in the English Reduction system equals 73

    Distance Between Stars" in the English Ordinal system equals 226

    Parallax Principle" in the English Reduction system equals 88

    Parallax Principle" in the English Ordinal system equals 187

    Parallax Principle Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 113

    Ta- Da Bitches.. Don't forget to take Credit for my work as if it's your own

    1. While it has been credibly established that I can be (am?) a bitch, I can most definitively say that I am not a thief.
      Rest assured, your work will stay to your credit where I am concerned. No worries. :)

    2. Who cares about credit though, really. What, are their medals being handed out? Come on, everyone is helping spread knowledge this a new language we are all learning. If u r here and not a robot (hi chauncey) then you are already observant and a genius compared to the snoring masses and your observations r v welcomed by me anyway, altho Im terrible about remembering who said what, and all of us trying to figure this shit out so let's please not fight. I want to know wtf is going on right now I'm so fucking pissed off about being ignorant I just can't stand so let's get this done please everyone!

    3. Oh now... I do remember who said what.
      I've had the opportunity to manage a good number of people, and one of the primary things is making sure you understand the strengths/weaknesses of your team.
      Giving credit where credit is due helps reinforce those strengths/weaknesses to help people improve. Meanwhile, this does not mean that mindless stroking of egos is beneficial, but I do like to give credit where credit is due. It helps me put into perspective how I need to ramp up my own performance. I only wish I had some of the insights that some other people have here. That said, play to your strengths and acknowledge and then work on your weaknesses.
      Go team! *giggle*

    4. I was being Factious in hopes of pissing off somebody enough to Expand upon my work and make it better. Reverse Psychology must not work on Geniuses .

    5. You are good at that and give great advice which I will try to emulate. I'm not so good with groups so thank u for showing a new approach. I do appreciate it and you

    6. Well, it takes a lot to genuinely piss me off. Meanwhile, my husband (who is technically a 'genius') keeps insisting I'm smarter, but if you knew the dumb shit I do sometimes, it'd make you dispute his assertion. You'll have to wait to see if/when one of our actual resident geniuses takes you up on your challenge to see if your reverse psychology hypothesis holds water. Since you can't prove a negative that way, I'm not sure where that leaves us... ??? *shrug*

    7. CoCa85,
      Ah what a fine comedy of errors! Lol
      Well this proves to me yet again how hard it is to express yourself fully in just print. Maybe language is more of a curse than a blessing. Watching deaf people have conversations is so cool because they r so lively and engaged and into it they use their entire bodies and facial expressions etc I think we miss out on so much.
      Altho with just reading print I suppose u r free to interpet things according to your own worldview and mindset. It might have a lot to do with why we all feel so far apart and different.
      When did film switch from silent pics to sound? I bet that had a profound impact on society.

  7. In the movie the "The Big Lebowski", a movie my dad stars in, there is some interesting numerology going on with George HW Bush.

    The running time is 117 min.

    "Lebowski" = 33 & 96
    "The Big Lebowski" = 66 & 147
    "Little Lebowski = 174 & 1044 = 144
    "Dude" = 213(Jewish) [There is that number again]
    "The Dude" = 402(Jewish) = 42 & 67

    At the beginning of the movie, as Lewboski buys his "Half n Half" he writes a check for .69 cents on "September 11, 1991", while George HW Bush is giving his NWO speech in the background the same day. There is plenty to decode in this movie, and especially since the point was made in the moview to pay attention to George HW Bush's NWO speech. Somebody should really dig into it. I'm still just a Rookie.

    "Half n Half" = 41 & 68
    "Six Nine Cents" = 56 = "Jeff Lebowski"

    1. Interesting. I'll have to check it out. It was Brother Berg's coverage of another Coen Brothers movie, True Grit, that caught my attention and brought me to gematria.
      I'm sure all their crap is highly encoded then.

      If folks haven't caught it, Brother Berg's decoding of True Grit is here: