Friday, June 17, 2016

56 66 83 87 174 191 | The death of Ann Morgan Guilbert of the 'Dick Van Dyke Show', June 14, 2016

Her name connects to 'Society of Jesus', the Jesuit Order.

Her name also connects to 'election'.

Her death at age 87 reminds me of Hillary, soon to be President.

She died June 14, 2016, a date connecting to 'President', and a date coming 147-days before the November 8, 2016 election.

6/14/2016 = 6+14+20+16 = 56 (President)

As I've been saying, there is a 'Minneapolis' and 'Los Angeles' thing going on.  Look at her place of birth and death.  This death also comes in the time of the NBA Finals, which has been themed through the Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves since opening day of the NBA season.

Notice CNN's sub headline on her death.

With the k-exception and/or s-exception, Dick Van Dyke Show also sums to 75, 84 and 93.

The New World Order has always accessed the minds of the masses through the television.