Friday, June 10, 2016

88 119 | Romney says 'I don't want trickle down racism' regarding Donald Trump

This is some funny shit.  You mean to tell me that the man who is part of the religion that thinks your skin becomes more white, the closer you are to God, doesn't want trickle down racism?  What's next?

I wonder if it is '88' day.

Of course for one guy, for more than a year now, everyday has been '88' day.

The reason I ask if it is '88' day, is because Gordie Howe reportedly died at age 88 today, and headlines such as what as above and what is below have been front and center.

But what was he smoking?

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  1. Haha -- yeah, Mr. LDS probably DOESN'T want racism to "trickle down" -- but rather for it to be BLATANT (so "everyone knows their place")!! Using Bacon Gematria (after all, THEY always use ALL CAPS ...!) LDS = 38 + 30 + 45 = 113

    Perhaps this is the Mormon's "winking tribute" to the "Great Victory" celebrated by their Zionist "parent" Israel ... 49 years ago -- on June 10, 1967 -- was the final day of "The Six-Day War" (6/5 -- 6/10/67, ceasefire on 6/11) ... during which Israel took the Sinai Peninsula away from Egypt & the Golan Heights away from Syria -- killing an estimated 20,000+ people in the surprise attacks.

    Mormonism is a creation of the SABBATEAN SECT of Kabbalist "Crypto Jews" ... a VERY secretive branch of "Marranos" who -- since their founding in 1666, in SMYRNA, Turkey, by SHABBATHAI ZEVI (& further perverted in the 1700s by JACOB FRANK & his "Frankists") -- have CONSISTENTLY adopted the practice of PRETENDING to adhere to another religion (such as Islam, Catholicism, & Protestantism) in PUBLIC -- while secretly continuing their "heretical, Kabbalist practices" ... & pursuing a goal (professed amongst themselves) of completely destroying every facet of Orthodox Judaism. (Meanwhile, they're also sowing dissent within their falsely adopted religion.)

    They are proud, unparalleled experts at ambiguity & paradox -- confusing the unsuspecting into doing the exact OPPOSITE of whatever their "professed religion" normally calls for ... especially by spouting ideology such as: "Like the grain that dies in the earth, the deeds of man must become in some way 'rotten' in order to bring forth the fruit of redemption;" and: "The nullification of the Torah is it's true fulfillment."

    "Redemption Through Sin & Transgression" is one of their Strongest-Held Beliefs.

    These (nearly invisible) Sabbateans are engineering much of the chaos in our world today. EVERYONE should learn more about them -- they have infiltrated themselves throughout society, & perfected the art of hiding behind multiple "public" identities.

    Google: Sabbateans | Shabbathai Zevi | Jacob Frank

    *For the BEST info, go to JACOB FRANK'S Wiki page -- final entry under Bibliography:
    Scholem, Gershom. " 'Shabtai Zvi' and 'Jacob Frank and the Frankists' ", Encyclopedia Judaica. (It's a Wayback Machine post at;
    originally from: ;D. :D