Saturday, June 18, 2016

Reader Contribution | A Medic's take on the Orlando, FL shooting of June 12, 2016


  1. Dude RFG Chosen One just went on a rampage about you.

    1. RFG -- 31/22/93
      Chosen -- 64/28/196
      One -- 34/16/95
      RFG Chosen One -- 129/66/384

    2. ED, what was the point of this?

    3. Not much, just throwing numbers around.

      Now, some thing more important. RFG (93) may know more about gematria. But here is his take on "science":


  2. It is nice to hear from a professional medic on the matter.

  3. Hey P.M. Dawn's band member Prince Be has now died at 46 from Kidney Disease. Any link to the Prince/Vanity perhaps, some contiuned theme. Can't find his birthday tho.

  4. Vanity = 46 and died on the 46th day of the year.

  5. If this was real there would not be all these pictures of the dork in his coffin, that's v bad taste, v invasive were it my loved one I would have said he'll no u rnt using my grief to sell papers. Plus that bitch doesn't even look dead a real dead body looks more like a block of wood than a person. If u ve ever looked closely at a stiff during funeral viewing when whatever it is that makes us alive is gone the body looks like a husk, or a doll.
    See the joking word play of 53 gays getting kylled at a club called Pulse as in heartbeat which these bitches don't have any more ha irony.

  6. THANK YOU for these EXCELLENT points -- I'll be mentioning this to EVERYONE sniveling about "those poor people in Orlando". IF we had ANY BONIFIDE journalists/reporters -- instead of propagandists -- at least one of them would've been bringing this GAPING HOLE IN THE STORYLINE to the public's attention. I too, had been wondering about the absence of Medavac Helos -- & now, thanks to this post -- I'm certain that I didn't just "miss that part" ... & I understand a lot more about how the trauma care system works.

    MORE of us need to share our unique sets of knowledge -- it provides much-needed insight that exposes these "events" as hoaxes. In that vein, it serves much the same purpose as Gematria.

    We've become FAR TOO MUCH of a COMPARTMENTALIZED & SPECIALIZED SOCIETY -- with people only possessing ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE about one or two areas. Everything else is an ASSUMPTION -- based solely upon media-fed data. Little wonder it's been so easy to "SELL" the public nothing but LAYERS OF LIES. People are being tricked into believing that they "KNOW HOW THINGS WORK" -- just because they've watched a full season of some crime or medical-themed TV show. But they're unaware that the graphic, FABRICATED gore being shown "for entertainment purposes" is a SHOCK to ANY brain -- & the TRAUMATIC STATE that results is NOT something ANYONE can "control". The viewer has unwittingly been ENTRANCED -- their brain functions literally "put on hold", while it tries to process imagery that is NOT supposed to be part of our Normal State Of Being. It's during this "lull" that people are absorbing onscreen chatter about "Processes & Methods" ... which causes them to "emerge" with the BELIEF that the "information" they'll later recall "REALLY IS" True & Factual "KNOWLEDGE".

    Sharing what WE ACTUALLY, LITERALLY KNOW with others is the first step towards counteracting what can only be described as a "METHOD OF CONDITIONING PEOPLE TO TRUST SYSTEM-INDUCED ASSUMPTIONS".

    The Second Step involves getting out there in the "Scary World" & exposing ourselves to a wide variety of things. The Knowledge we gain through EXPERIENCE is Lasting & Valuable ... & it's become more important than ever ... because now we KNOW that we're constantly being DECEIVED -- "Tricked Into Assumptions" by what we "Think We're Seeing" on a screen.

    Great info & great post ...!! ;D :D