Wednesday, November 16, 2016

42 | Blair Walsh cut by the Minnesota Vikings, November 15, 2016

Remember, that field goal was missed against the Seahawks, who also cut Christine Michael yesterday.  Walsh's 27 yard miss also came on a date with 27 numerology, January 10, 2016.

1/10/16 = 1+10+16 = 27 (Walsh = 27) (Missed 27-yarder)

He was cut 312-days after his January 8 birthday, and 54-days before.  (Span of 313 and 55)

The specific date of him being cut connects to his name, November 15, 2016.

11/15/16 = 11+15+16 = 42

Remember, the Giants recently cut their kicker as well.


  1. Strange things going on with the kickers. Walsh is cut. Matt Bryant had to punt. Longsnapper's dad is killed and he was a punter too, i think i read that.

    Special Teams=123, 414J

    Special Teams Snafu=184(Sports Betting)

    All Three Phases of Football=253

    Game on the Line=128=Seven Eleven

    Off the Crossbar=155

    It all comes down to this kick=1740, 1711J

    1. Dad was a punter for Oklahoma in 84.

    2. Right down the middle=1188

      Split the Uprights=227

      With no Time left on the Clock=225(The Twenty Third Card), 654(The Fibonacci Sequence, Hermes Infinite Article)

      The 23 Card is the TRUMP card, read above article.

      As time Expires=163=Twenty Three=978=24=888

  2. If the Vikings make the SB. The cutting of this Kicker is important because of Who replaced him....

    New Kicker is named - Kai Forbath =91. Vikings=91.

    Kai August Forbath =865. Vikings =865.

    Blair Walsh =51 (SB51) was Cut. I'm sure this was just a Football=38 move that just so happened to come 83 days before the SB.

    1. Who you got making the SB Maestro 2x?

    2. The SB or NFC championship will come down to a FG as time expires/ or OT

  3. There was also that car accident this summer with 2 punters dying... Nebraska/Wisconsin.

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  5. What about Christine Micheal got release from the Seahawks?

  6. Anyone have some NBA pick tonight?

  7. Deon King was claimed of waivers by the Colts yesterday. There might be something to it because blair walsh was released yesterday.


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