Monday, May 2, 2016

47 63 | New Radiohead album for 2016?

Notice the emphasis on 'disappears'.

Disappears = 4+9+1+1+7+7+5+1+9+1 = 45/63

When you sum every number up to sixty-three, it totals 2016.

Radio = 18+1+4+9+15 = 47
Radiohead = 9+1+4+9+6+8+5+1+4 = 47
OK Computer = 6+2+3+6+4+7+3+2+5+9 = 47


  1. Not a fan but I know one of their albums is called OK Computer

    OK Computer=47/137

  2. By the way, I think I have the derby winner on lock. Still researching but it almost seems pointless with all the connections I've got with this one.

    1. I haven't looked yet, I look forward to the prediction.

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    4. Milo, there are a lot of trolls that hang out around here. I can't do anything about them. I have no control to block people in the comments. Just wait until football season rolls around. Then you'll see when the trolls really come out.

  3. Zach i got a subliminal bomb man

    Look a this , back to future in front of our face since the beginning

    Lowry to Wade to Lebron
    Raptors > Heat > Cavs
    Thats the Eastern Conference results !!

    Look at all the player , the angle they take to do the video , it is not by random , u can see the subliminal effect where they show you Lebron finally suceed to Kobe , look how they aligned both of their number and then kobe disapears and the King finally rise ! you can see Lowry , pass it to Dwade , like an olympic flame , like the current PO !

    Because Raptors will be out , D.wade then will symbolically give the "edge" to LeBron ,

    Lowry pass to Wade , "erase" OKC and the Spurs , and LeBron going to dunk , on Curry.

    Only PG is inside the 3 pts line when LeBron dunked , actually ONLY this year's playoffs members a inside the 3pt line , zach that is subliminal beautiful back to future in our face

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    3. I know you are kinda biased ahah ! jokes besides ; i still see Lebron winning because those 19 connect to a lots of stuff with Lebron too , anyway , we all here for one thing , find the right methodology for analyse the occult , so i dont mind you think the Spurs will win and i think the Cavs will win , honestly its all about the truth , so i am ready to try other ways to find out

      But i cant still see how you can connect 319 or 109 from a Lebron James's video to Duncan or others Spurs instead of LBJ and the CAVS ? I still dont get the dots but we dont have to agree each other , all we have to do is being respectful and truth seeker , so even i am disagree , i keep it in a corner of my head :)

      Have a good day milo

    4. Listen to it milo , another point of view:

      From this video ( supposedly sayin Lebron will win ) there is 109 days to the first game of the Finals

      You want to hear something mindblowing

      For the 31 years old birthday (31=13=31) of Lebron James on 30/12/2015 , to the first Cavs game in the playoffs opener , there is a span of 109 days


      Video (Lebron King predictive shit) >>> NBA Finals = 109d.
      Lebron's birthday >> First Playoff game = 109d

      You want to go back 109d before Lebron's James birthday

      Thats the 9/11 birtday lol

      Every numbers can find connexions

      If you include the famous 13/4 april when Kobe scored 60 and Warriors 73's wins , go back 109 before including the 13/4 and Lebron lost against the 33° Blazers

      I mean , i dont even know what to connect to what with numbers , thats why i connect events first , and then decode , instead of decode events and then connect them to each others , that is the wrong way i think ; but i can be wrong of course


  4. All the new wwe wrestlers as well as the current champions all have 33 or 36 gematria check it out...