Saturday, June 18, 2016

33 42 47 123 | June 17, 2016 East Cleveland Shooting, double homicide reporting

This could be a regular homicide, or not.  Someone asked me to look at it.  The details are early.

East = 9
Cleveland = 33
East Cleveland = 42 (LeBron James) (Cleveland Cavs)

East = 45
Cleveland = 78
East Cleveland = 123 (Conspiracy)

Notice the name of the streets.

Ohio = 47
Cleveland = 33

137, the 33rd Prime

Ohio = 29

Think about the emphasis on East.  The NBA Finals are East vs. West.


  1. What do you think this is trying to tell us? I am kind of worried about Cleveland, though. If CLE wins, the rigging talk will go on all summer, but if the GSW win, the rigging talk would mostly stop. You know that the people pulling the strings and running the show don't want that. But I also don't think they would let some talk from a portion of the media get in the way of their hidden, sick agenda. Ayesha Curry tweeted that for a reason, possibly to swing the rig to GSW, or if they lose, give the Cavaliers a asterisk like they kind of did this last season with the GSW and Love and Irving being out last year. Have you looked into the coding of her tweet, and the time? I'm sure you have. Anyway, what do you think this most likely fake news story is trying to tell us, and what do you think is going to happen tomorrow night?

    1. A thing you must remember is these things are not decided a few weeks/months in advance. The rigging for cavs to win the NBA this season was probably done as soon as LeBron entered the NBA or even before if zachs right about these Manchurian athletes. So were talking over 10 years in advance, this is set in stone and no event like currys wifes tweet will alter the rigging. Its all a ritual that goes deeper then we can understand at the moment.

      This tweet could quite easily be a pissed of wife thats tweeted a stupid comment, its more likely it was planned for a reason though. Im pretty sure these athletes and there partners dont even know the passwords to there twitter accounts i wouldnt be surprised if they've got there own "Media Obbligatos" that run there social medias.

  2. East could be seat or ates/8s.
    West could be stew or tews/2s.

    East = 8 s (more than one) as in 88
    West = 2 s like 22?

  3. She tweeted that for one simple reason, as a misdirection. The rigging is going to be exposed, I think the NBA is already preparing for that, but they do not want the players tontake the fall. So the rigging is going to be blamed on the refs and maybe some executives, keeping the players innocent and shiny. That way, after some public firings and apologies, the NBA can keep on keeping on. They don't want the sheeple to know just how deep the rigging goes.

  4. East west right left horizontal
    North up south down vertical
    Makes us a nice little grid for ourselves

    I remeber hearing Jordan maxwell or one of those youtube types talking about north as the seat of power and how judges bench are always placed precisely north. I was in a courthouse recently and used the compass app on my phone to check out the bench and it was true located absolutely dead straight north. Altitude should maybe be considered might be why colorado is so important to the hoaxters