Saturday, June 4, 2016

41 42 74 114 | ESPN's June 4, Jim Brown and Muhammad Ali article (LeBron James connections)

Jim Brown and Muhammad Ali, eh?  It was Jim Brown's Cleveland Browns that won the last Cleveland Championship, 1964.  This story comes on 6/4, kind of like '64.

Did you know that Jim Brown rushed for 114-yards in that game?  I've been asking myself it is a coincidence for two years now.

LeBron James = 114

LeBron James = 42
Muhammad Ali = 42

Jim Brown = 41 (King = 41) (13th Prime)
LeBron in in 13th season, "King" James

1967 was 49-years ago.

Revelation = 49/67

London = 74
Muhammad = 74 (Dead at 74)

LeBron = 66


  1. So hockey has been tied to the Warriors and OKC. Penguins won around The first Nba finals game.

    Lets see if they pull this one out

    1. Since Penguins just lost in Overtime.

  2. I get 47 for "injustice" w/ "s exception" in Pythagorean.

  3. How many of the stats do you think are bullshit? Like, Brown may have rushed for 112 or 116 that day, but Mr. History decided it was 114 so it could connect to their star basketball plans way down the road. Seems to me all of the Masonic work is about spellcraft and their written history much more than the actual events which took place. Establishing belief more than truth.

  4. Jim is another name for James, so there's another James Brown/King James connection...

    James Brown = 39

    LeBron = 66

    James = 726(J)

    726, a number connected to Revelation, the 66th Book of Bible, based on 39 Books of the Old Testament.