Wednesday, June 8, 2016

54 58 | 5 dead, 4 injured after truck runs into bicyclists, Kalamazoo, MI, June 7, 2016

This is definitely connected to the shooting hoax of February 20, 2016 in the same city, Kalamazoo.

2/20/2016 = 2+20+20+16 = 58

Bicyclists = 58
Taxi Driver = 58
Freemasonry = 58

5 and 4, sort of like '54'.  That reminds me of Obama's age and that Jodie Foster's 54th birthday is coming up.

Read about '54' and Jodie Foster below:

From the date of the "accident" to Jodie Foster's birthday is 165-days, or a total span of 166-days.

The White House = 166

Recall, there is this ongoing political riddle involving Jodie Foster, the movie Taxi Driver, and more.

6:08?  That's a lot like '68'... a number of focus...

There's more to decode here, I'm not finished.


  1. Hey Zach.. Have you heard about this 20 year old named Brock Turner, who was just let off on rape charges? Everyone on social media is making a big deal about it. Right away it's a hoax with the name Turner (Turner = 33). I also find it funny how Brock Lesnar was just announced for the next UFC event. I wonder if there's any ties...

    1. Brockman Turner Overdrive
      Baby, u ain't seen nuttin yet

  2. Kalamazoo has been in headlines a lot this year... We also had the recent story at a zoo... The only thing left to complete the cycle would be a story out of Kalama, Washington.

    1. Kali the destroyer might throw some EQs at Cali fornia

    2. Prunella, I was waiting for you to come and drop some gems on us... You're a true master of decoding wordplay and double entendres.


    3. Thank you! Its been my nerdy hobby but learning about how numbers connect has really rocked my world. William S Burroughs said language is a virus from outerspace and now I'm considering those words from a different perspective. So interesting

  3. Brock = 22 & 49
    Turner = 33 & 96
    Brock Turner = 55 & 145

    If we look at "One hundred Forty Five", we get 1404 or 144(English)

    Surely its just another Pys-Op!

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  4. I noticed that this post lists Jody Foster's height at 5"3" kind of like here age 53. This is also like the height that Prince was listed at his autopsy. He started out at 5'2" but he gained and inch after death to 5'3". Strange, normally people stop growing after death.

    I first started noticing celebrities heights around the time of the Kentucky Derby. Most of the jockeys where in the 5'2" - 5'3" range that Foster and Prince were in. But, that day, I read a few other articles about people. El Chapo 5'2", Napoleaon also at 5'2" and of course Prince. Odd, that every one should be at 5'2". I speculated that this could be a Derby tribute. Who knows.

    Notice that one foot equals twelve inches so 5' = 60 "

    5'2" = 60" + 2" = 62
    5'3" = 60" + 3" or 63

    Now with Muhammad Ali. He has been listed as 6'3" (63) but also I've seen quite a few tributes that list him as 6'2"

    6'2" -> 72" + 2" -> 74

    1. 52 = Prophecy
      53 = Sheep
      Five Three = 53
      Fifty Three = 122 = Pope Francis. A tribute to Pope Francis?

    2. I went to the Chinese theater in LA where they have all the old timey movie stars shoe and handprints in cement, and was amazed to see how tiny these people must have been. It looked like children's handprints even the men, and the ladies tiny little shoes must have size 4 or 5 at most.