Friday, June 17, 2016

Reader Contribution | Saturn, the United States, Boaz & Jachin & Barack Hussein Obama

These are interesting finds.  Maybe groundbreaking.


  1. Nice finds!!!

    Saturn Return in Jewish Gematria Equals = 1016

    President barack hussein obama in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1016

    ground zero=1016

  2. Speed of Saturn-33rd prime=god.

  3. So with that in mind, we are just passed Revolution #8 since the start of our country. Which started roughly 4.5 years ago.

    1. That is always assuming that the first revolution of saturn from our independence day started on that day. We are probably in the middle of number 9....number 9...number 9...

    2. That's brilliant! Revolution number nine.. The council of nine...The nine

    3. 87,658 days divided by 10,759
      87,658/10,759= 8.14741147=8.15

      Also that 117 number.. On July 4th our country will be 240 years old...
      Two hundred forty years old" in the English Reduction system equals 117

  4. It takes Saturn 29.45 years to orbit the sun
    (2+9)=11 (4+5)=9 119/911

  5. For LOTS of Saturn gematria videos:

  6. Saturn ( in Sagitarius) is currently squaring Neptune ( in Pisces)

    -Movement of Neptune this year:
    In 2016, Neptune travels to 12 degrees of Pisces, then turns retrograde and travels backward to 9 degrees of Pisces, turns direct and travels forward through 12 degrees of Pisces again, finishing the span in early 2017. Then it moves into the next patch of degrees, where it will do the same thing.

    The last time Neptune was in this degree of Pisces was back in the 1850's; when American was experiencing deep segragation issues (Uncle Tom's Cabin published 1852)..

    When Neptune left Pisces and headed into Aires, that is when the civil war broke out.

  7. Here is a good link on Saturn/Neptune astrology.