Thursday, November 10, 2016

19 37 57 91 131 | Thursday Night Football Preview, Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens +Cleveland's got a chance!

Baltimore Ravens = 66/75/174 (Notice the 7.5 spread)

11/10/2016 = 11+10+20+16 = 57 (Notice the game temperature of 57 degrees)
11/10/2016 = 11+10+(2+0+1+6) = 30
11/10/2016 = 1+1+1+0+2+0+1+6 = 12
11/10/16 = 11+10+16 = 37 (Browns = 37)

Baltimore = 41/95; Ravens = 25/34/79; Baltimore Ravens = 66/75/174
Cleveland = 33/78; Browns = 28/37/91; Cleveland Browns = 61/70/169

What a game!  Remember, the Cleveland Browns became the Baltimore Ravens, then the Cleveland Browns earned their own football team back.

This will be the 36th game between both teams all-time, with the Ravens leading the series 26-9.  A win would put them at 27, a loss, at number 10.

Notice the Ravens won the last game earlier this season, 25-20.  Ravens = 25

The sum of 45 is interesting.  This game comes after the election of the 45th President.  The Colts are also currently 4-5, the team originally from Baltimore.

It has been 53-days since the September 18 game, or a span of 54-days.

With a win, the Ravens could improve to 5-4, something like '54'.

Let's take a peek at the QBs.

For the Browns, Cody Kessler, for the Ravens, Joe Flacco.

Cody Kessler = 46/64/136
Joe Flacco = 34/70 (Ravens = 25/34)

Cody Kessler is 23-years old, having a May 11, 1993 birthday.  His 23rd birthday was 183-days ago (span 184) and his upcoming birthday is 182-days (span 183) from today.  In other words, he is right in the middle.

Joe Flacco, 31-years old, was born January 16, 1985.  His last birthday was 299-days ago (300 span) and his upcoming is in 67-days (span of 68).

Now their stats.  This will be Joe Flacco's 146th game all-time, and his 131st regular season game.

Fifty-Seven = 131; Championship = 131; Super Bowl = 131

If Joe Flacco were to lose, in a big upset, he would earn his 57th loss all-time.

This will be Cody Kessler's 7th game, he is still looking for his first win.  It would be something if he earned his first W against the teams that was once the Cleveland Browns.

Let us also examine the head coaches.

Hue Jackson = 35/44/107
John Harbaugh = 59/113 (Also has birth numerology of '113')

Hue Jackson was born October 22, 1965.  This game comes 19 days after his birthday.  If he were to win, the Browns would become 1-9. To his next birthday, is 346-days.

John Harbaugh was born September 23, 1962.  From his birthday to today's game is 48-days, and to his upcoming birthday is 317-days.

317 is the 66th prime.  Baltimore Ravens = 66; NFL = 66; Harbaugh = 66

Let us examine their respective records.

This will be Hue Jackson's 26th game all-time, and 10th game with the Browns.  He is looking for his first win with the Browns, his 10th career win all-time.

For John Harbaugh, this will be his 137th game, the 33rd prime.  Cleveland = 33

He is looking for his 82nd win, or 56th loss.

Let us also examine the teams Thursday Night Football records.

The Browns are currently 3-5 all-time on Thursday Night Football.  A win would put them at 4-5, a loss at 3-6, in the 36th game all-time between the Browns and Ravens.

The Ravens, are 5-2.  Ravens = 52 (S & V exceptions)

On Thursday Night, the two teams have played each other one time before, the Ravens won.

The date was September 27, 2012, and the Ravens won with a combined 39-points.  Harbaugh = 39

9/27/2012 = 9+27+20+12 = 68
9/27/2012 = 9+27+(2+0+1+2) = 41 (Baltimore)
9/27/2012 = 9+2+7+2+0+1+2 = 23 (Won with 23)
9/27/12 = 9+27+12 = 48
9/27 = 9+27 = 36 (November 10, 2016, will be the 36th game between teams)

Depending on the odds, the Browns might be worth the risk tonight.  What I like is the 19-days from the coach's birthday, and the opportunity for a symbolic win against what was the old Browns team, bring the current Browns to 1-9.  Browns = 91

As for the stadium the game is being played at, M&T Bank Stadium, it is right for TNF.

*Bonus thought!  The nation's capital isn't too far from Baltimore, and today the Cleveland Cavaliers were in town celebrating their championship, on '57' day.  Recall, the Cavs won 57-games in the regular season this year.

Fifty-Seven = 131; Championship = 131; Super Bowl = 131


  1. A win for the Browns would bring their record against the Ravens to 10-26. Hilary's birthday

  2. Also if Cleveland win they'll get there 509th win overall
    97th prime is 509.
    Flacco lose he get his 57th overall lost, and get his 17th lost @ home. 17th prime-59...
    John Harbaugh = 59
    And Harbaugh has 59 bday numerology

  3. cody Kessler has birth numerology of 37 which also matches the date numerology, and art modell who moved the browns to Baltimore and changed their name to the ravens equals 37 in the English reduction system also, 37 is the 12th prime and hue Jackson also reduces to 12, Cleveland has lost 12 straight since last year for the ravens john harbaugh's birthday numerology is 113 which is the 30th prime which matches the date numerology also

  4. browns moneyline is 4.05 which is similar to 45, another thing though the whole tnf staff has purple ties on except Michael irvin

    1. Hillary Clinton wore the same colors as the Baltimore Ravens in her concession speech.


      the Cleveland Browns are wearing white!

      If I were disciplined, this would be an easy call for the Cleveland Browns.

      The only time white has lost on Thursday Night Football, was when the Texans wore it against the Patriots.

      Maybe I will wait to see what Jay Gruden has to say, if anyone would be kind of enough to post that.

  5. what do you guys think about the color purple tonight

  6. Away teams on TNF this seasons have 3 wins and 6 losses. If the home team wins tonight it'll be 3-7 Away/Home. 11+10+16 = 37.

    TNF total points are 404 points, lol! Over/Under for tonight's game is 44.

    If Cleveland wins, they'll be 4-5 on TNF, and Baltimore will be 4-5 on the season.

    Cleveland record from last seasons to this is 0-12. With Win 1-12? 112th World Series.

    What's very interesting, if I'm calculating this correctly. Before Browns last TNF lost in 2015, the total points for Browns and Ravens on TNF was 279 points. Ravens can make their season record vs Browns 27-9. With the 10 points on Browns last lost in 2015 on TNF, total poinst for both teams would be 289. Telling us for next year it'll be 28-9?

    From the Browns last win was 333 days ago? If you take tonight's over/under at 44 and add it to the total combined points for both teams on TNF you get 289+44= 333.

    1. Away teams on TNF this seasons have 3 wins and 6 losses. This is Ravens and Browns 36th matchup.

      Hue Jacksons 26th game and 10th with the Browns? Ravens lead series 26-9. With Cleveland win, it'll be 26 and 10.

    2. It seems like they are getting ready to Mock Hillary Clinton on primetime.

      Does this mean the plan was for Donald Trump all along? They did a good job of fooling me.

    3. I'm looking for 28 total points today.

    4. Matthew Rhodes they did a great job of fooling everyone it's true - wow did they do it well. Look at the time magazine cover dated 2/15/16 on which Hillary is featured wearing PURPLE. The clues were so there all along...will be interesting to see if the purple narrative it still loss tonight.

    5. Well, the pattern finally broke.

  7. With 51 days remaining in the year. Joe Flacco would be at 51-17 with a loss. Seventeen=46. Cody Kessler=46.
    Harbaugh's 56th loss. Fifty-six=46.

    Really liked your piece earlier this week regarding prime numbers so I looked especially for prime number associations throughout the decoding.

    36th matchup between the two teams. 36th prime is 151. Baltimore's all-time record can fall to 177-151-1 with a loss.

  8. their pumping up terrelle pryor the most outta any player tonight

  9. I am pretty sure the game will go to overtime tonight.. Solely based on numbers associated with the matchprogramme of the main bookmaker in my home country (used to be the monopoly bookmaker)
    Give it a shot a boys

  10. noticed Sac Kings are purple with a 4-5 record

  11. does 115 mean anything because they showed pryor and flacco next to each other on the screen

    1. 511 has something to do with saturn i believe

    2. 11-5 was the assassination attempt on trump that was in the news as well

    3. The factorization of 115 is 5x23 523 is the 99th prime zach has a ton documented on 523
      One fifteen =99

      Also 5/23 is the 143rd day of the year

    4. NFL WEEK TEN =115.

      This TNF game kicked off Week 10.

  12. browns are not winning this game...

  13. Replies
    1. Haha
      Cause of him trump can be the 44th in office signing trumps death warrant

  14. Wouldn't it be something if final score was 22-24. Like Grover Cleveland's presidential spots. This is the 97th season of the NFL and Grover ended his 2nd term in 1897.

    1. 22+24=46. Browns founded in '46.

  15. Will the game come down to Justin Tucker(45)? Who wears #9.. In the Ravens 9th game.

  16. Ravens gonna score this drive to make it 13-7? 137 the 33rd prime.

    1. Like taking candy from a baby lol... can we get a browns FG, to make it 13-10 131.. or 19-7 , 197 is the 45 prime.

  17. who wins patriots seahawks /falcons eagles/broncos saints / cowboys steelers

    1. I am glad you asked me because these are all agenda games for the league.saints beat broncos. Falcons beat eagles. Steelers beat cowboys. And the clincher seahawks beat patriots. The last game is the one I am curious to see what the numbers say about a seahawks upset. Also Carolina plays their best game by far this season against chiefs this week.

    2. I am glad you asked me because these are all agenda games for the league.saints beat broncos. Falcons beat eagles. Steelers beat cowboys. And the clincher seahawks beat patriots. The last game is the one I am curious to see what the numbers say about a seahawks upset. Also Carolina plays their best game by far this season against chiefs this week.

  18. Nobody Makes the Easiest Connection of All?

    Purple =88. Trump =88.

    Brown =1072. Hillary Clinton =172.

    I'm far from great at this, but the comments are so unfocused these days its hurting the results. Lets get back to the Basics.

    1. The easiest connects were the two combined teams total points with their overall record...

    2. That's a good connection and I'll humbly take an L for not seeing it, but it doesn't seem like a deciding factor kind of connection in comparison to what we've seen deciding factors be. We know how colors are used to deceive too so even if I saw that connection beforehand, I wouldn't give it much weight. Just my way of thinking. In this case it had some weight on it.

    3. Brown could mean the color of races trump Wants to kick out of the US?

    4. Mad1Dog - You're Old Skool like me...where's the Gematria around here?? There's more date Numerology, & mis-used Prime #'s then ever before. I'm a Gematria based guy.

      All Purple =113. NFL Week Ten =1131. John Harbaugh =113. TNF=13. Flacco 31yrs old.

      Flacco=40. TNF=40. Harbaugh is 54yrs old - with a win Ravens go to 5-4.

      Harbaugh=66. Baltimore Ravens=66. NFL=66. Harbaugh=39. Ten=39, & its week 10.

      11/10/16 =37. Harbaugh=307. I had a hunch it was all about Harbaugh tonight because this season is all about the Harbaugh Bros.

      Thats just a quickie sample. How bout we forget Gematria, Numerology, etc....and just focus on Football?

      The Browns have won Zero games! The Trend is your Friend. Catching a falling knife only leads to a bloody mess.

      Hang in there guys - I'm calling you an ambulance ;)

      Chat me up on Twitter anytime - @Themaestro2x

    5. I don't see the overuse of date numerology or mis-use of primes you're talking about but I dig it Maestro, some more gematria decodes like yours would be helpful. Wish you'd comment here more have a knack for it. I don't have a twitter account but I do check out your twitter page from time to time.

  19. NFL Uniforms tell the story...

    PURPLE =88. TRUMP =88.

    Brown =1072. Hillary Clinton =172

  20. Funny reading the predictions after the results.

    1. That's the only thing that makes watching these games fun lol

  21. Well, you can't will them all. I liked the Cleveland Browns. Everything looked good, but it was doomed from the start.

    It happens from time to time.

    Really surprised that the election loser wore purple and the game winner wore purple. Yet, purple ties to the election winner? Then, why did Hillary wear purple when she lost? This is confusing.

    1. The game was an obvious tribute to Trump.

    2. Purple is now the "bring everyone together" narrative. At least 2 of the TNF commentators were wearing purple in ties and shirts.

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  23. Sports are becoming a ridiculous waste of time. I know it garners a lot of new attention, but these individual game breakdowns are so hit and miss and really only for the sake of the gamblers. Just my opinion, of course, but there is ALOT more going on in the World then scripted sports.

    But go Cubbies!!


    1. I disagree. I was starting to think like you a few months ago but I reconsidered and It's not a waste of time at all. Sports are the perfect thing to show people how the world is scripted. I agree that picking the winner seems like it's become more hit and miss here but seeing the script laid out to show how and why these match ups are put together by the numbers is WAY more important than picking the winner. That is if you care more about showing people out of the matrix rather than making money and/or bragging rights.

    2. I might just be getting a lil negative. Not sure how many people can be helped out of the matrix.

    3. Sports is a very good way to show. Unless you're showing a gambler. It's easy enough to show them the decode after the game is completed, but then they'll go on a rant saying to give them the info before the game starts. That's where the trolls come in, as we are all aware of on this blog.


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