Monday, November 21, 2016

33 55 188 666 | 'Pizzagate', the accused sex ring connecting Hillary Clinton, John Podesta & more, decoded

'Pizzagate' has standout gematria.

The rumors are this is a federal government wide conspiracy.

Of course it was 'Reddit', the website that mocks truth, that made this story viral.  Reddit supposedly found these emails in the Wikileaks distraction dumped, laced with '33', from '33,000 emails' to '33' children from Haiti.

If you missed the story on the Clinton's being connected to '33' stolen children from Haiti for sex trafficking, that came just before PizzaGate and can be read about here:

Homosexuality is a major part of this story.

Gay = 33; Homosexual = 133 (White House = 133) (Government = 133)

Keep in mind this news comes just after the election, that was 'New York' heavy.

The name of the location connects to 'Satan'.

Remember, the night of the election, November 8, 2016, both Trump and Hillary were in Hell's Kitchen of New York.

11/8/2016 = 11+8+20+16 = 55

Notice the headline that Snopes went with.

Recall, the election was called in favor of Donald, November 9, or 11/9, and then this news followed.

The name 'Comet' has a tie to 'Bavarian Illuminati' as well.

Notice the names of the men mentioned.  They remind me of the 45th President being the 44th man to be President.

James Alefantis = 45/54/135
David Brock = 44/53/89

Notice he is the CEO of 'Correct the Record', whatever that is.

Notice David Brock is currently 54-years old.

David Brock, when I was in college, received much recognition for his book Blinded By the Right.  That was in the early 2000s.

John Podesta is also implicated in this conspiracy:

Also, I cannot find any information that suggests there is any truth to "Pizzagate".

That said, pedophillia rings are real, and this story might just be a reminder of this truth.


  1. It is a very strange tale. Almost all hearsay.

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  3. Zach there are videos online showing what happened at the Comet place and whos linked to it. I will call you tomorrow to speak to you about it and maybe give some insight. This is very real, hence why CNN came out with news articles talking about "fake news" which you covered. They are not trying to have to break out.

  4. Zach, check this character out "David Seaman" 39/93

    Want to hear your perspective of why this character has 39/93 reflection. Sounds significant given he was "told to leave" from Huffington Post because he exposed Hillary?

    Anyways, I would love to hear your take.

  5. Other Alt Journalists

    Amber Lyon = 42/105
    Max Keiser = 42/105
    Abby Martin = 42/105

  6. There's a case to be made that the Comet Pizza / Besta Pizza scandal is a red herring. People started to make the links while reading through Podesta's e-mails, which included odd, out-of-place references to pizza. WikiLeaks is a limited hangout and it's very possible these e-mails were intentionally penned in order to lead the public into thinking it was code speech.

    By leading the public into a black hole where no proof of any wrongdoing exists, they could use the "abuse" and "emotional distress" the owners and employees went through as justification for blocking out sources of what they call fake news. Had they left a trail of crumbs leading to a REAL crime syndicate, they risk running into problems. Meanwhile, the real pedo rings, who these people may still very well be a part of, go undetected and become more protected by the media and word of mouth than ever.

    In this case, it's of course still very possible that those pizza places are up to some evil shit, and this media frenzy is what you're seeing to block the investigations. One thing's for sure - it will be a while until any pedos use any of those places to do their business. The whole thing makes me sick. Hard to think about, but with the way things have gone lately, it's impossible not to think it's just another trick.

  7. The pizza gate documentary was made by Titus Frost.

    Titus Frost = 41/167
    Titus Frost = 59 with the s exception
    Frost = 33 with the s exception

    Alefantis = 33


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