Saturday, June 4, 2016

32 42 46 84 | Muhammad Ali's Parkinson's disease diagnosis in 1984 and his Phoenix death

It is interesting that Ali got Parkinson's at age 42, in 1984, being from Louisville Kentucky, and being a black man, Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali = 42
February = 42
Nigger = 42

Louisville, Kentucky = 84
United States of America = 84 (America = 32; Ali lived with Parkinson's for 32-years)

Parkinsons = 46
Louisville = 46 (Where he was born)
Phoenix = 46 (Where he died)

Muhammad = 74 (Dead at 74)


  1. Some of the most famous interviews done with Muhammad Ali were by a guy named Michael Parkinson!!
    Is that a coincidence??

    1. If u Google "Famous Ali interviews", the Michael Parkinson interviews pop up.

  2. If Cavs win tomorrow they will be 3-9 in finals. 39 connects to Lue's age. 39 the reflection of Saturn 93 and Tyronn Lue = 144 like time and mark of the beast

    1. GS is currently -380 to win series and Cavs are +310. Maybe that is a sign GS will lose. Spurs were -330 vs OKC and lost, Aldridge scored 38 1st game. Lebron 31 yrs old in 13th seasom

  3. Michael Parkinson -- 168/78/456
    Repeated blows to the head -- 231/96/1603
    Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center -- 278/116/947
    Selflessness and Bravery -- 264/84/1864

    And of course:
    Dr. -- 22/13/84
    Holly -- 72/27/498
    Shill -- 60/24/147
    Dr. Holly Shill -- 154/64/729


  4. Holy shit. Holly is a Shill! What a joke!

    The more I think about it and follow the amazing work done by you and your subscribers, Parkinson's being caused by "repeated blows to the head" is just more shillery by them, just like the concussion hoax that permeates the NFL and college football now.

    I was a starting linebacker for the Florida Gators in the 80's. I got my "bell rung" (not knocked-out, just knocked silly, saw stars/legs wobbly/etc) too many times to count. All defensive players experience "repeated blows to the head" in games and practice regularly (and if they win, after the games too! :-) Very rare to miss a game for a concussion then. I never had one. Not that I know of anyway.

    Now, the degenerative brain disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, (1950 eng gemat = Scottish Right of Freemasonry) is the new disease de jour. Players are committing suicide because of it. How convenient!! A new excuse to cover their sacrifices!!!

    I don't mean to offend anyone or say there aren't real victims. Maybe there are. But I have been suspicious of the concussion trend for a while now. I reasoned maybe the players had really gotten too big and too fast. Maybe they are taking too many steroids. (I never did, though it was rampant then and even more so now. Don't believe for a second that there is such a thing as a "natural" 6' 5", 300-pounder who can run like a deer and dunk a basketball.)

    Thanks to all the evidence of scripted sports you have uncovered, I am sure most, if not, ALL, the CTE related suicides, are bogus. The whole narrative along with the new penalties are there to create more victims, not protect them.

    WE really need to put a stop to this!