Monday, June 6, 2016

48 66 74 96 444 666 | Harambe update, 'Mother is Cleared', CNN, June 6, 2016 (Muhammad Ali Parallels)

Muhammad Ali just died at 74.

Remember, this incident happened in 'Cincinnati', also connecting to 'Muhammad Ali'.

Remember, the father's name sums to 74 as well, and the mothers '666'.  Read about that below:

Also notice this story comes on June 6, 2016, a date with '48' numerology, connecting to the name of the Ape.

6/6/2016 = 6+6+20+16 = 48

Because it is 6/6, it also connects to 'LeBron'.

If you thought the headline was bad, checkout the ad playing at the same time on the CNN story.  Do you see that hand pose in the background?  Can you say 'Masonic'?

This ad is for Allstate.  If you see the commercial on CNN, notice how he shows the interior pocket of his jacket, and it is TG.

Allstate = 27
TG = 27

Also notice you can see the hands making the gesture in the careful shot at the end of the commercial.  You can see it to the far right, in the background, off the mirror's reflection.

This is a psy-op.