Friday, February 21, 2014

44 Watch: Portland, Oregon Swastika Hoax?

Swastika = Dustyn = Kelli = 22

It is reported that four students from David Douglas High School, in Portland, Oregon, have cut a swastika into a classmate's forehead.  The name of the victim is Dustyn Murrain, and his mother's name is Kelli Murrain, who has been traumatized by the events.  Let us not forget, Oregon is the thirty-third state, and 33 is an important number when it comes to false flags.
  • Dustyn = 4+3+1+2+7+5 = 22 = 4
  • Kelli = 2+5+3+3+9 = 22 = 4
  • Murrain = 4+3+9+9+1+9+5 = 40 = 4
  • Dustyn Murrain = 4 4
  • Kelli Murrain = 4 4
Look at all those 4s!  And let us not forget, there were four students who did this to Dustyn, and they went to David Douglas, or DD or 44 in numerology as D is the fourth letter.  It should be noted that David Douglas High School is the same school that participated in the TOPOFF 4 drill, in which a nuclear blast was simulated going off in Portland Oregon, in 2007.  You can read more about that here.
  • The names of the four accused children are as follows:
  • Jenna Montgomery
    • Jenna = 15551 = 17
    • Montgomery = 4652764597 = 55
  • Blue Christian Kalmbach
    • Blue = 2335
    • Christian = 389912915 = 47 (The inverse of Jesus, which equals 74)
    • Kalmbach = 21342138
  • Jess Taylor
    • Jess = 1511
    • Taylor = 217369
  • unnamed 14 year old
    • David = 4+1+4+9+4 = 22 = 4
    • Douglas = 4+6+3+7+3+1+1 = 25 = 7
      • 4 and 7, with a coded 311
Making matters even more interesting, is the numerology of Swastika, which is equal to that of Dustyn and Kelli.  Think of the coincidence!
  • Dustyn = 4+3+1+2+7+5 = 22
  • Kelli = 2+5+3+3+9 = 22
  • Swastika = 1+5+1+1+2+9+2+1 = 22
In the television media, two witnesses, Alex Montoya and Ariel Perez, have gone in front of the cameras to tell the horror story.  Let us examine the numerology of their names, and then let us wonder if these men are illegal citizens, who are allowed to live in the United States for the fact that they will happily lie their asses off in front of the camera.  If it is so, it is sad.
  • Alex = 1+3+5+6 = 15 = 6
  • Montoya = 4+6+5+2+6+7+1 = 31 = 4
    • Ariel = 1+9+9+5+3 = 27 = 9
    • Perez = 7+5+9+5+8 = 34 = 7
So, the names Alex and Ariel equal 6 and 9; and the names Montoya and Perez equal 4 and 7.  To me, it reminds of Yin-Yang and the Fourth of July... or David Douglas.

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