Monday, February 3, 2014

Are You Prepared? February 2 and Super Bowl 48 in Review

PREPARE!  PREPARE!  But prepare for what?

Fortunately, nothing happened at the Super Bowl and the worst act of terrorism in the nation's history did not occur as I had feared.  The day in total however did not pass without incident.  Prior to the Super Bowl kicking off, Syria was massively bombed by barrel bombs in multiple cities; Iraq's army which was trained and equipped by the United States of America and western NATO forces had to bomb and raid Fallujah in what is said to be the beginning of a one month campaign to take control of the city from militant rebels; and literally right as the Super Bowl kicked off, the nation of Yemen experienced the worst bombing against it in its history with the Presidential Palace, Ministry of Defense and Central Bank all being bombed in a well coordinated attack at the same time- talk about timing.  In this regard, it seems like the Super Bowl was a weapon of mass distraction from the trio of tragedies that took place in a region of the world that we have tormented for decades.

In addition to Middle East destruction, the city of New York experienced two events.  First, before the Super Bowl began, Phillip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his home.  The media reports that the death was caused by a heroin overdose; but I doubt this story's truth.  The deceased actor passed on Ground Hog's day, in a nation where the Groundhog is named "Phil".  The second event occurred shortly after the conclusion of the Super Bowl when a large explosion went off in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City.  The neighborhood is also referred to as "Clinton".  Residents of buildings said they felt their apartments shake as high as seventy stories up.  Response teams said the explosions took place under city streets and were caused by a gas leak.  As of this time it is not believed anyone was hurt, only frightened.  Let us not forget the numerology of Clinton, especially on February 2, the 33rd day of the year.  Further, New York city was first established on February 2, and had a Governor by the name of Clinton.  Is it possible this explosion was some sort of twisted tribute, courtesy of Hell's Kitchen?
  • Clinton = 3+3+9+5+2+6+5 = 33
As for city street explosions, it gives me memories of the film The Dark Knight Rises, when city streets and a football stadium explodes all throughout Gotham.  On January 6, 2014, a similar incident happened outside the 48-story Time & Life building in New York City when an explosion also occurred beneath the city streets, erupting through manhole covers.

Overall, with regards to the Super Bowl, what I found most curious took place at the beginning of the Halftime Show.  In the introduction, before Bruno Mars took the stage, children sung in front of a digital flag of the United States to a backdrop of moving lights that were forming triangular prisms in the background.  The children singing put major emphasis on the word "PREPARE" and the digital backdrop which previously showed the flag, turned to the words "PREPARE" in bold, red letters.  As the children sung these words, the lights came off of them, making them to appear like shadows or silhouettes.

I asked my friends who I was watching the game with if they thought anything was curious about the word "prepare"; from how it was sung, to how it was emphasized on a digital screen behind the children; to how the children were "blacked out".  They all thought it seemed like it was just part of the show and was asking the audience to prepare for Bruno Mars.  I suppose it just goes to show the difference in how things are perceived due to frame of mind.  With that said, I would ask you to consider what the word prepare means.  For example, when I think of the word prepare, I think of getting ready to do something that is important, not so much being ready for an entertaining performance.  In all seriousness, what do you have to prepare for that?  The volume on your television set?

As mentioned previously in this blog, important dates to the Illuminati are approaching; from Blood Red Moons coinciding with Jewish holidays, to the 100 year anniversary of World War I, to the 9th of Av falling on Obama's birthday, to the forty-two month anniversary of the Fukushima disaster on September 11, 2014 and beyond (42 months is a reference to Revelation).  In a time where wars are raging, economies are tanking, and nuclear sites are leaking radiation, we certainly should be prepared for the worst, and I think that was the coded message within the Halftime Show.

In addition to the strange message of "PREPARE", the commercials were full of catastrophe imagery.  In the scenes of chaos, we were shown burning cities, explosions and mushroom clouds.  Some commercials even made light of things such as nuclear detonations, by having a buildup to disaster, fingers on a button, and then poof, just fireworks.  When I was a child, Super Bowl commercials were mostly about humor, but in the post 9/11 world, they're equally as much about war, chaos and disaster.  What is this if not the shaping of minds, better yet, "preparing" our minds, for the world we now live in and what is to come?

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