Thursday, February 6, 2014

322 Watch: BBC News and Numerology

Have you ever noticed that the letters BBC are equal to 223, where B is the second letter and C is the third?  The number 223, is the number 322 backwards, which is associated with the infamous elite secret society out of Yale and the Bush Dynasty's backyard, Skull and Bones, who the Bush's are all members of;  Senator Prescott Bush; President George H.W. Bush; and President George W. Bush.  Making matters more interesting, the BBC maintains 44 news bureaus worldwide, the same way MK Ultra once used 44 college campuses for their studies during the times of their trials.  The number 44 is of course symbolic to the powers that be, and seems to be associated with death and destruction.

On September 11, 2001, the BBC appeared to be complicit in covering up the real events that were taking place that day.  For example, more than twenty minutes before World Trade Center 7 collapsed, the BBC reported that it had fallen to the ground as World Trade Centers 1 and 2 had earlier in the day.  At the time the BBC reported this, there was no apparent indication the building was going to fall, yet low and behold, twenty-some minutes after the BBC report, World Trade Center 7 came crashing down to the earth.  That news report and blooper can be watched here.  Until next time, think about those coded numbers, in the BBC News.
  • BBC = 223
  • NEWS = 5551

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