Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Iran Nuclear Program Hoax: Wall Street can have uranium, but Iran cannot?

Today it is revealed that for the past four years Goldman Sachs, one of Obama's top campaign contributors in 2008, a time when the nation was plagued by Hope-Bots, has been buying uranium on the market and selling it for profit, as has Deutsche Bank.  In future months, it will probably be revealed that other mega-banks are in on the racket as well.  Think about it though, uranium is being sold by for-profit companies, and to who we should ask?; yet at the same time, Iran, who is allowing inspectors that are confirming their program is energy purposes only, is not being allowed by Western Powers to peacefully pursue their program, with emphasis on the word peacefully.  The West is threatening war and more sanctions, which Iran is already under, for participating in the creation of a nuclear energy program.

For years Iran has been trying to establish a nuclear energy program to provide more power to their nation, just as the United States has in its expansion of the North America as the population has grown.  Even today we're still building more nuclear energy plants, so why can't Iran?  On April 9, 2006, Iran declared a new national holiday- Nuclear Energy Day.  On this date in history, they were able to enrich uranium to a great enough capacity to produce energy.  Exactly seven years to the day, April 9, 2013, Iran's first nuclear energy plant was shaken by a nearby earthquake.  Iran would suffer another earthquake seven days later.  Then, on November 28, Thanksgiving in the United States, Iran's nuclear energy plant would suffer another large earthquake.  This Thanksgiving was also the fist day of Hanukah, an event that won't coincide again for 70,000 years.

Ask yourself, what are the odds of these coincidences?  Iran and Pakistan as a region endured 26 earthquakes altogether in the twentieth century.  In 2013, Iran experienced 3 earthquakes alone, all curiously close to nuclear energy plants in Iran.  Whatever one believes, there is something awfully curious about the situation.  There is also a resemblance in these earthquakes, to the Perfect Storm and Super Storm Sandy being twenty-one years to the day; as well as Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Katrina being exactly seven years to the day of each other.

Personally, I think we're living in a bad science fiction novel, that is sadly and truly a science nonfiction novel, that sadly, is not a novel- it is our life.

Look at how this works.  Iran is forced by Western Powers to give up nuclear energy program by sanctions and threats of force.  Then, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and likely other mega-banks to be revealed swoop in, buy the uranium and sell it on the market, to nation's such as China where more and more nuclear energy plants are being built and uranium needs increase.  Don't you see what is going on?  People are starving in Iran because of economic sanctions due to energy program, people are literally being hurt due to Western elite hypocrisy.  Don't you get it?  Why do you keep getting hustled by the media and politicians who plant false realities in your mind, from 9/11, to WMDs, to Sandy Hook to the Boston Marathon bombing?  All these lies are meant to put fear inside you, so they can control you and guide you in the direction they want you to follow.  How many times can you fall for the same tricks? How many times will you tell yourself there is nothing you can do about it when that isn't true. 

Imagine if 700,000+ people showed up in downtown Seattle for justice, instead of a football parade.  What does a football game really have to do with your life?  Anything?  The people who rule this world, the bankers and those who oversee investment, they molest us as much as they pillage us, and they make us turn against each other, the actual decent people of the world and they have us acting and behaving and thinking like fools.  They have us mistrusting of people, who are mostly the innocent and suffering, while at the same time totally ignoring the guilty.  Worse yet, they have many of us protecting them with our actions and thought processes.  We're going to die if we don't wake up.  If not us, a generation not too far along.  The people in power literally want to kill us.  That is why they plant massive stone pillars in Georgia and put infamous dates on them, with rules such as "Maintain the earth's population at 500 million."  It's a sick game we have to stop playing in.  We can't sleep our whole lives away with distractions.  We have to be accountable for our actions, or lack of action.  Parades are nice, but we need to have them for fun things like the football game, as well as things that matter, like saving this country from destruction.

With regards to Georgia and the massive stone structure that is etched in twelve languages with ten new rules for a new world.  Georgia = 44 an the 4th State.  Iranian hostage crisis lasted 444 days, and Jimmy Carter was the President from Georgia, until the 33rd Governor of California and Hollywood movie star came to be president, on January 20, and ended the crisis on his first day in office.  What a hero.

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