Saturday, February 15, 2014

Numerology Explains the Popularity of the Name "Smith"

If you ask a person in the United States what the "most common generic last name is"; nine out of ten times the person will reply "Smith", and for good reason.  In the United States it is still the most common surname, with Garcia and Rodriguez catching up rapidly.  Let us examine the numerology of Smith.
  • Smith = 19+13+9+20+8 = 69
    • Joseph = 10+15+19+5+16+8 = 73 = 10
      • 10 is the God number, so think of "69" and "10" in the terms of being the foundation of the name for a religious leader; 69 representing balance and the diversity and attractions of life and ten representing God  Joseph Smith was the leader for the beginning of the Mormon Church, and had the name 10, 69 in numerology, before his assassination in 1844.  Brigham Young would become the leader for the next thirty-three years, before dying in 1877.
    • God and 10- If you sum every number, one through ten, you get fifty-five.
      • 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55 = 5+5 = 10
        • In numerology, 1-9 represents qualities of human beings; 10 represents god; 11 represents one greater, or the anti-Christ; and 12 represents completeness.
        • Because 1-10 sum to 55, it makes the number a reflection of itself in numerology, a unique trait to number ten alone.
Obviously, the number 69 has much significance in popular culture, and is symbolic of the Yin-Yang, which represents balance and symmetry.  The name Smith is the alphabetic representation of the number 69, and at different points in human history, finding the numerology of names, words and phrases held importance.  Is it so far fetched to believe that Smith originates from one of these periods in time, and because of its numerical symmetry, gained the popularity it now evidently has today?

Also, for a little history lesson, the state of Delaware, the first State to be established, also has a numerology of 69, as well as 33, both very special and sacred numbers.
  • Delaware = 4+5+12+1+23+1+18+5 = 69
  • Delaware = 4+5+3+1+5+1+9+5 = 33
Making matters even more interesting, Delaware was established December 7, 1787, more than eleven years after the declaration of independence.  The numerology of this date is also 33.
  • 12/7/1787 = 1+2+7+1+7+8+7 = 33
The lesson here is that letters are more than letters, and in the English alphabet, they also represent numbers, which some people are counting... even if that person isn't you.  Please read the other posts on this blog.  If you take the time to read five other posts, I think your attention will be garnered, at least a little.


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